The X-Wing is now out for testing. Please enjoy and let me know what changes I can make. Check the downloads page for the link
As of now, I am finished with the basic carriers for the Essex class. Due to that, I am releasing it for use st this moment.

24 carriers: individual or in formation
Main Locations: San Francisco, Long Island, Busan, Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Philippines, Miami
Working elevators

To Do:
arrestor wires
better placement

Please Enjoy
I have just completed making the Akagi for FG.

Solid model
detailed texture
working hangar and elevators
arrestor wires
Placed next to Kaga when Akagi_demo and Kaga_demo is used together

I have finally completed the basic parts of the Kaga. It is now open for testing and will be updated soon. Enjoy.
The Akutan Zero was found intact when it crashed in the Aleutians in 1942. The Zero was repainted in US paint scheme and flown to discover weaknesses that the Navy pilots can use against the Japanese Zeroes. Please enjoy.
Battleship Row has been placed at Ford Island. The battleships all use a model of the USS Arizona with minimum details just for the sake of simplicity. If you don't think there needs to be some improvement, then this will be the finalized version. Please Enjoy. It can now be found in the Downloads section.