Guys, I'm sorry I haven't updated in a long time. School was getting in the way and I needed a lot of time to recover from a suicidal phase in my life. Yeah. Plus other personal projects are stretching me for time. Who knows what will happen next. Upcoming projects? I'm not sure. Maybe a simple livery or something. Maybe showcase FlightGear aircraft in youtube vids? If time permits. Will I survive more great deals of stress? Who knows. One thing's for sure: I'll definitely look forward to seeing you in the wild blue yonder.

Summer 2012 wishlist:
Vocaloid livery?
Maybe edit the carriers a little. The Kaga still needs work.
Triple flight deck carriers?

The following are upcoming projects I am planning to work on this year:

1. motorcycle
2. M4 Sherman tank
3. Luke's landspeeder
4. Anakin's podracer
5. ANA Pokemon liviery
6. FGFS liviery for 747 or 787
7. X-Wing improvements
8. arrestor wires for all carriers
9. Light/Escort package
10. Pearl Harbor Historic Sites scenery package

Any plans/projects may change without notice; this list is in no particular order. If you have anythi
I'm sorry, but currently I can't put any new stuff out or start anything. I have to get to work on school stuff and when I'm finished with that, then I can get to work with the following possible projects:

podracer (if the landspeeder works)
Light & Escort class carrier package (still needs a lot of work)
Random bombable scenarios
The X-Wing is now out for testing. Please enjoy and let me know what changes I can make. Check the downloads page for the link
Currently, all projects in currently in development are on a hiatus since I have school to worry about right now. However, I will still try to release as much as I can at the moment, including some test releases of certain add-ons. Stay tuned for more to come.
ok, so the X-Wing is on a hiatus right now, but I am pushing for a test release on November 15 with the rest of the Star Wars package coming later. The 3D cockpit needs work, and so does the VSTOL feature. Once the test release, you are all free to tinker with it, so long as you have my permission and a specific job (livieries, FDM, model, cockpit, etc.).

May the Force be with you.
I have just made a flyable model for the X-Wing starfighter, minus the sounds, animations, submodels, textures, and a lot of other stuff. I think I'll reserve the release of this for the holiday season just to make it my special gift to the FG community and to touch up on a few things when it's complete. This package is supposed to contain the X-Wing and TIE fighter/interceptor as a basic. If I have more time, I'll get to work on the suprise contents.
As of now, I am finished with the basic carriers for the Essex class. Due to that, I am releasing it for use st this moment.

24 carriers: individual or in formation
Main Locations: San Francisco, Long Island, Busan, Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Philippines, Miami
Working elevators

To Do:
arrestor wires
better placement

Please Enjoy
This time, I will be trying to tackle making an aircraft. What better to start with than Star Wars fighters?

Possible aircraft:
TIE Fighter
TIE Bomber
Anakin's podracer
Jedi starfighter
the Emperor's shuttle from Return of the Jedi

Expected release: none yet
Light and escort carriers will soon be in FG from 3 nations in WWII:

Light: Independence (9)
Escort: Bouge (45)

Light: Centaur (4)
Escort: Bouge (45)

Light: Ryujo, Zuiho (2)
Escort: Hosho, Taiyo (3)

This may take a long time, but for the sake of time, all ships of one class will use the same model.

Expected release: 1-2 months