ok, so the X-Wing is on a hiatus right now, but I am pushing for a test release on November 15 with the rest of the Star Wars package coming later. The 3D cockpit needs work, and so does the VSTOL feature. Once the test release, you are all free to tinker with it, so long as you have my permission and a specific job (livieries, FDM, model, cockpit, etc.).

May the Force be with you.
I have just made a flyable model for the X-Wing starfighter, minus the sounds, animations, submodels, textures, and a lot of other stuff. I think I'll reserve the release of this for the holiday season just to make it my special gift to the FG community and to touch up on a few things when it's complete. This package is supposed to contain the X-Wing and TIE fighter/interceptor as a basic. If I have more time, I'll get to work on the suprise contents.