As of now, I am finished with the basic carriers for the Essex class. Due to that, I am releasing it for use st this moment.

24 carriers: individual or in formation
Main Locations: San Francisco, Long Island, Busan, Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Philippines, Miami
Working elevators

To Do:
arrestor wires
better placement

Please Enjoy
This time, I will be trying to tackle making an aircraft. What better to start with than Star Wars fighters?

Possible aircraft:
TIE Fighter
TIE Bomber
Anakin's podracer
Jedi starfighter
the Emperor's shuttle from Return of the Jedi

Expected release: none yet
Light and escort carriers will soon be in FG from 3 nations in WWII:

Light: Independence (9)
Escort: Bouge (45)

Light: Centaur (4)
Escort: Bouge (45)

Light: Ryujo, Zuiho (2)
Escort: Hosho, Taiyo (3)

This may take a long time, but for the sake of time, all ships of one class will use the same model.

Expected release: 1-2 months
The first of the Yorktown carriers, the Enterprise, will have a test release out soon and become available for download 9/7 at 1400 hours Hawaii time.